Erasmus Student in Lisbon 2017/2018

“Erasmus is not one year in the Student’s life, but all life in one year.”
Erasmus is the best time in the Student's life, trust us!
Because of this we are sending you this e-mail letting you know about us and hoping you could share our brand with incoming to Lisbon Erasmus Students.
T.I.A.B. Events stands for: To Infinity And Beyond. We are here to help and to give the students an option far from the old associations which before were their only hope here in Lisbon. After we’d created our brand, the prices of events and trips in Lisbon went drastically down thus the students could use longer their scholarships.
We are proud to say that in the period of 2016/2017 since 01/09/2016 we’ve had a better price in 90% of the Events and Trips.
Our mission is to: Make the Erasmus life Better, Easier and Cheaper.
T.I.A.B. Events is the new brand created from passion and desire to make people happy and fascinated with every moment of their lives and to give an option for all Erasmus students who didn’t fit in with the local Erasmus associations! We specialize in making their Erasmus the best experience ever! How are we doing this? Since our team consists of ex-Erasmus students, current Erasmus and ex-members of other Lisbon Erasmus associations, we know very well students’ needs and expectations when living and studying abroad. Therefore, we decided to share our enthusiasm, experience and knowledge with everybody coming to our beloved city of Lisbon! We will provide them with the most outstanding moments, breathtaking experiences, stunning views and unforgettable memories by organizing events, trips, parties, meetups, sport activities and many, many others. What’s more, we will prepare their perfect stay in Lisbon even before they arrive! We will find the best accommodation for them and organize the safest and most comfortable airport transfer to get to their place, and when they are already here with us, we will hand them in a FREE mobile sim card and provide them with the information regarding transportation card, bank account, TIAB Erasmus discount card, trips, parties and anything they need.
Our offer is rich and prices competitive !
Our intention is to support you and help the students to take advantage of their Erasmus fully. Therefore, we’d appreciate if you could share with them:

We’ve also attached in the PDF our usuful links for your and students’ review our presentation and First Steps Guide which could be useful before and upon their arrival also links for the Oficial International Student Group 2017/2018 and Accommodation Page that is very important for all students now. 

We’d like to inquire if is possible to share with us the contact e-mails of upcoming to Lisbon students in order to contact them directly and offer our help. If not, we’d kindly request to share with your students presented above links and documents.

Lapland UAS warmly welcomes your students for exchange for the Autumn semester 2017

Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Lapland UAS) warmly welcomes your students for exchange for the Autumn semester 2017.
Please find our Fact Sheet for Autumn semester 2017.
Practical Information Guide for all exchange students is in this link You will find the guidebook when you roll down that page.

During Autumn semester 2017 Lapland UAS offers bachelor level courses in English in the field of:

Rovaniemi Campus
• International Business/Business Management
• Tourism
• Information Technology
• Forestry
• Nursing
• Sports and Leisure Management
• Physiotherapy

Kemi Campus
• Nursing
• Social Services
• Electrical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering

Tornio Campus
• Business Information Technology / Business Management
• Culture
• International Business Management, Master’s degree

For more information on the course selection, please see at

Application Process
• Deadline for the Autumn semester 2017 is 3 May
• Application Process

Important dates
• Free pick up service on 22 August/Rovaniemi. 28 August/Kemi, Tornio.
• Orientation week 23-29 August/Rovaniemi. 29 August-1 September/Kemi, Tornio.
• Classes begin 4 September
• Semester and classes end 15 December

Accommodation, student tutors, visa/permits
• For more information, please visit
• Lapland UAS Practical Information Guide (check that link above)

If you have any questions on the application process, please don’t hesitate to contact us (

Finally take a look at least five factors which makes Lapland unique place to study and live

Lapland UAS International Services

ESN klausimynas studentams, turintiems negalią

Erasmus studentų tinklas (angl. Erasmus Student Network, ESN) parengė klausimyną „Accessible Mobility“, skirtą visos Europos studentams, turintiems negalią.
Informacija apie klausimyną skelbiama adresu, pats klausimynas skelbiamas adresu
Klausimynas skirtas ne tik tiems negalią turintiems studentams, kurie dalyvavo Erasmus mobilumo programoje, bet ir tiems, kurie minėtos programos galimybėmis kol kas nesinaudojo.
Vidutinė klausimyno pildymo trukmė – apie 25 min. Klausimyną galima pildyti iki 2017 m. kovo 15 d.

Student Mobility for the academic year 2017-2018

Student Mobility for the academic year 2017-2018 (starts in the end of August) is now open!

Greetings from Akureyri!
Information for staff at partner universities, exchange student nomination:
We request that all nominations are submitted online by the international coordinator of our partner institutions before the 1st of May for autumn semester 2017 (1st of April for students that are citizen outside EEA/EU). You will be asked to enter name, e-mail, field of study and term of study for each of your students. After you have done so we will e-mail these students with detailed application instructions.

The online for nomination is available here: .

Nomination and application procedures are here:
Nomination procedures are at:
Application procedures are at:

• Why choose Iceland as a destination? This is why:

• General information for students coming to UNAK is to be found at

• Courses specially offered in English (the academic year 2016-2017, updated course list for 2017-2018 will be available in March)

• Information about curriculum is under each school

• Information for incoming exchange students:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: or

Erasmus Plus Student Mobility Placement (SMP) 2017/2018

Erasmus Plus Student Mobility Placement (SMP) 2017/2018