Student Mobility for the academic year 2020-2021 (autumn and spring) is now open!

Greetings from Akureyri!

Information for staff at partner universities, exchange student nomination:

We request that all nominations are submitted online by the international coordinator of our partner institutions before 1st of May for autumn semester 2020 (if the student is a citizen outside EEA/EU then the nomination deadlines are 1st of April). You will be asked to enter name, e-mail, field of study and term of study for each of your students. After you have done so we will e-mail these students with detailed application instructions.

Nomination and application procedures are here:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: or



Dalinamės informacija apie pratęstą konkursą Kinijos Liaudies Respublikos Vyriausybės stipendijoms gauti:

Atkreipiame dėmesį, kad paraiškų teikimo terminas yra 2020 m. kovo 18 d. imtinai. Stipendijos būtų skiriamos 2020-2021 akademiniams metams.


Dear partners,

Mendel University in Brno would be pleased to welcome your students to join our Mendel Summer School 2020 filled with amazing programme and activities. The Summer School will take place at Mendel University in Brno in July 2020 (28. 6. - 27.7.). 

It is said a study experience in Brno is a must. The students can take part in the unique cultural program and visit other countries apart from the Czech Republic such as Hungary, Austria and Slovakia! The Summer School focuses on the Theory of Political Science, Economy, International Relations, Sociology and Environmental Studies. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, you can find detailed information on our website Mendel Summer School 

If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact the MSS coordinators at

We look forward to welcoming your students in Brno!


Dear Partner,

Greetings from Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN University)!

The spring semester is in full swing here at INN University and the preparations for fall 2020 have already started. We would therefore like to update you on latest developments regarding our application process, course offer and semester dates.


Please note that all selected exchange students must be nominated by the home institution. Please make sure to submit the online nomination form ( within 10 April 2020. It is not necessary to complete the form if you have nominated students for the upcoming semester(s) prior to this e-mail. If you experience any problems during the nomination process, or if you cannot manage to nominate students within the deadline, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Application process:

The application deadline for fall semester 2020 (and academic year 2020/21) is 01 May 2020. In order to apply, international exchange students must submit the online application form for the selected campus together with the supporting documents (listed below). More information about the admission process and the specific requirements can be found at the following link:

NB: For Nordplus Nursing Internships, an official nomination is required (preferably) by 01 April 2020. The applications are processed on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please contact the International Coordinator at Campus Elverum.

EU/EEA (Erasmus+), Norpart and Nordplus students:

1)         Learning Agreement

2)         Transcript of Records

3)         Copy of passport/ID card

4)         Picture (optional)

Students coming from our bilateral partners:

1)         Learning Agreement

2)         Transcript of Records

3)         Copy of passport

4)         Proof of English Language Proficiency

5)         Proof of Financial Support

6)         Picture (optional)

Courses in English

Our institution offers both Master and Bachelor courses taught in English across many academic fields. The complete course overview can be accessed from our webpage or directly under the following link:

Please notice that courses can be taken at one campus only. Courses from different disciplines and faculties may be mixed and combined where possible within the same campus.

If you have students whom wish to attend different campuses/programmes than stated in our agreement, please contact us, and we will look into the possibility.

Campus information:

Do notice that the semester dates might vary for each campus, and for certain programs within each campus.

Campus Evenstad

Fall semester: 18.08.2020 – 22.12.2020

Spring semester: 25.01.2021 – 18.06.2021 (TBC)

Campus Elverum

Fall semester date: 17.08.2020 – 22.12.2020

Spring semester: 11.01.2021 – 18.06.2021 (TBC)

Campus Hamar

Fall semester: 17.08.2020 – 22.12.2020
Spring semester: 11.01.2021 – 18.06.2021 (TBC)

Campus Lillehammer

Fall semester: 17.08.2020 – 22.12.2020

Spring semester: 11.01.2021 – 18.06.2021

Campus Rena

Fall semester: 17.08.2020 – 22.12.2020

Spring semester: 11.01.2021 – 18.06.2021 (TBC)

More information can be found in our brochure for international students. Also, make sure to check our Instagram account!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Kviečiame dalyvauti Europos Komisijos organizuojamame programos „Erasmus+“ nuotraukų konkurse.

Programos „Erasmus+“ dalyviai kviečiami atsiųsti prasmingas ir įdomias nuotraukas iš savo „Erasmus+“ patirties – bet kurio laikotarpio tarp 1987 ir 2019 metų – bei nuotraukos aprašymą, kuriuo papasakos, kokį poveikį „Erasmus+“ turėjo jų patirčiai. Buvę ir šiuo metu esantys „Erasmus+“ dalyviai, kurie pasinaudojo aukštojo mokslo, profesinio mokymo, suaugusiųjų švietimo, jaunimo ir sporto srities ar bendrojo ugdymo programų galimybėmis kviečiami pasidalinti savo istorijomis.

Konkursas vyksta tik iki 2020 m. sausio 13 d. 23:59 val.

Konkurso informacija internete



Stage Malta 

Stage Malta is a non-profit Educational Institution. This year, Stage Malta we are celebrating 14 successful years of providing:

>       Mobility Programmes

>       Internship and Work Placement opportunities

>       Research & Training visits

>       Entrepreneur programmes, as well as

>       Trade visits

 Students coming to Malta have a comprehensive programme prepared for them. This programme includes:

+       WorkPlacement with English Speaking Companies, NGOs and State Organisations

+       Accommodation (Hotel/Residence/Self-catering/Host family)

+       All transfers

+       24-hour emergency phone service

+       Cultural visits and social events

+       Full support throughout the programme

+       Documentation, full reports and certification

We also host various Academic and Non-Academic staff for a few days for job-shadowing, Preparatory or Monitoring visit.

Rate Card 2019-2020 Intership proposal 2019-2020; 

  Martha-Marie Gauci

Head of Internationalisation

International Office


 e  -

w -


Erasmus traineeships in Slovakia

We developed the program to help get Slovakia into a map of interesting destination for Erasmus+ traineeships in Slovakia.

For the past 8 years we have been arranging high quality traineeships for students from across Europe in all fields of study. .

 I would like to present to you our selection of vacancies we have currently available for your students in sectors such as Finance, Business, IT, Marketing, Logistics, etc. with starting dates in Autumn/ Winter 2020.

We partner with prestigious mulitinational companies or successful Slovak start-ups, and we know what it means quality or traineeship.

The minimum duration of out traineeships is 5 months.

 You can see all our vacancies here. / link attachment

To support your decision making in encouraging  your students to apply for our program, I would like to mention 5 main reasons why the traineeship in Slovakia is a good choice:
 - NO FEES. Our assistance and support is completely free of charge. Plus, we support students during the whole internship period. 
 - FREE ACCOMMODATION. Students are provided with the free accommodation. They do not have to search for the room by themselves, we do it for them. 
 - SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES.  Your students will get a high-quality work experience in a companies they mostly know from home.
 - ENGLISH AS A WORKING LANGUAGE. English is important nowadays. We know it. As well as our cooperating companies. 

 - GOOD IDEA SLOVAKIA. Slovak economy and work opportunities grow fast. The life is not too expensive and the Erasmus grant is ussualy sufficient to cover the stay.

Please, check the attached documents and our website for more info about our program: Financial Support SpecialistSea/Air Cargo Operation TraineeProject Support Specialist in financeCustomer Care SpecialistBusiness CoordinatorSales Consultant Junior, Marketing AssistantFront - End Web DeveloperProcess Engineer, PS flyer. 

 I would really appreciate if you could spread this information among your students.

I believe they will find the traineehsip in Slovakia with us as good idea.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
 Emília Varaliová

Project Coordinator